What is the difference between the F-1 Private High School Program and DASH?

The F-1 Private High School Program allows students to select the specific school in which they want to study. The DASH Program is a non-choice program. Once students are accepted into the program, DASH staff will place a student in a school where they believe the student will be most successful.

Where are DASH schools located?

DASH schools are located throughout the United States.

What types of schools are offered in the DASH program?

DASH offers students outstanding private high schools. While students cannot choose a specific school, they are guaranteed an elite experience.

All high schools will have a minimum of 200 students enrolled in grades 9-12.

What academic programs are offered in DASH?

Students can apply for either a semester or academic year program.

Can a student study for multiple years in the program?

Yes, students are able to study for multiple years like in the F-1 Private High School Program.

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