Franklin FAQ’s

How does online education work?

Online education allows students to study from anywhere and anytime. Just like in a traditional classroom, online classes are lesson based and will require students to show and mastery of the content by taking quizzes and tests at the end of the lessons.  Our lessons are prerecorded and are streaming so that students can attend and take classes whenever they want. However, just like in a traditional school we have teachers and counselors available to assist students with questions about their studies. Our teachers and counselors can be reached almost 24 hours a day through chat, email and by phone.

How long does each class take to complete?

Online education allows students to attend and take classes at their own pace. In fact, it is much more similar to the traditional style of education than most people may think. However, with online education students are not limited to the time constraints of the traditional classroom. With online learning, students are able to study ahead and gain forward progress in classes much more easily. For instance, the traditional class takes 18 1/2 weeks to complete. At Franklin, we set the 18 1/2 week mark as a standard. However, the average Franklin student completes a course in 12 to 16 weeks.

Can students graduate from Franklin?

Yes, Franklin Virtual High School is a fully accredited high school. Having this accreditation allows students to graduate and transition to the U.S. University system just like they would with any other traditional high school.

Can students transfer credits from Franklin to other schools?

Yes, many of our students attend Franklin for the purposes of supplementing the credits needed for their traditional high school. We often find our exchange students lacking credits and the time to complete the necessary classes for their schools. Franklin allows them the flexibility of taking classes while attending their traditional high schools.

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