Program Offerings

Franklin Virtual High School offers a variety of program options that can be utilized by all types of students. Our immersive online system provides great opportunities for international students to experience American education from anywhere in the world. Students have the option of participating in any of these five programs:
High School Diploma Program (University Prep)

The High School Diploma Program is designed for students who plan to attend a major college or university in the United States. The curriculum includes core, elective and languages courses, to assure acceptance into all major colleges and universities. Students who complete the program will graduate with an American high school diploma, acceptable for admissions at Universities across the country.

Independent Study and Recovery Classes

The Independent Study and Recovery Classes are for students looking to prepare for an upcoming exchange program, fulfill a personal interest or who need to make up a class you missed or failed during your exchange program. Students can select one or more classes from the complete FVHS curriculum including SAT/ACT Prep, core, elective or language courses and complete it based on their schedule. We will assist all students in transferring all completed credits to your current high school.

Pre-Academic Year Preparation Program

To make sure our international students are prepared academically and culturally, we have created an exciting Academic Year Program Course package to make sure they will not struggle during their studies here in the US. The Pre-Academic Year Prep courses are specifically designed so students can finish them quickly (in approximately 40 hours per course).  They are accessible from anywhere and at any time, so students can complete the courses at their own pace. An academic year abroad is a serious commitment by our students and a serious cost for a family.  We have developed this program specifically to make sure students will get the most out of the time they spend abroad.  This six to eight week program package will help you do just that.

  • The FVHS Pre-AYP Course Package Includes:
  • Strategies for Academic Success
  • English Language Literacy and Comprehension Course
  • AYP Math (Pre-Algebra)
  • Introduction to US History
  • Entrepreneurship I
  • Marketing I

*These courses will not count as credit towards an American High School Diploma.

SAT/ACT University Entrance Exam Preparation

The SAT/ACT Prep program offers full-featured, interactive test preparation programs to improve students’ results on the SAT® or ACT® university entrance exam. Each of our programs includes tools and methods that appeal to all learning styles. These courses provide a basis for students to maximize their scores on the SAT or ACT tests.  On-screen teachers deliver an overview of the exam and its content.  The courses provide test-taking strategies that are essential in maximizing your score.  Practice tests modeled after these exams are used to understand and target areas of opportunity. Students are prepared to achieve high scores on the SAT® or ACT® exams with our 100% online SAT/ACT courses.

Summer Program

Our summer school classes are structured to meet American high school standards for summer school content and organized for longer daily study periods. These classes are designed for students that have not previously taken the class. Whether a student is catching up or getting ahead, summer school has never been more engaging or effective. Classes are presented completely online with direct video presentation and interactive learning techniques. All credits earned during a summer school session have the ability to be transferred to the high school the student will be attending on your exchange program.

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