MacDuffie FAQ’s

How can I apply to MacDuffie? Is the application online?

Yes, the application is online at  Once completed, simply pay the $100 application fee and submit.

What is the deadline?

The first-round deadline was February 15.  We are now accepting applications on a rolling admission basis.

Do you accept students for just one semester?


Is English testing required and if so, what tests will you accept?

Most students submit a TOEFL, but we accept all types of English testing including the IELTS, SSAT, SLEP, and others.

Is an interview required?

Yes.  If the student cannot come to campus, the interview is done in Skype.

What grades are offered at The MacDuffie School?

The MacDuffie School teaches students from grades 6 to 12.

Can I receive a diploma from The MacDuffie School?

Yes. The MacDuffie School offers two diplomas. Our traditional diploma can be obtained my fulfilling the standard MacDuffie curriculum.  The MacDuffie International Diploma allows students who do not meet our standards in language or credit distribution to still obtain a valuable MacDuffie education.

Can I still attend MacDuffie with lower levels English ability?

Yes. Here at MacDuffie, we offer programs to help students with lower levels of English ability.

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