SMG Team Welcomes Two New Members

February 09, 2015
Shane Headshot 2

Shane Hendry, Marketing Coordinator


Diana Santelli, Student Services Facilitator








Last month we welcomed two new members to the SMG team; Shane Hendry and Diana Santelli.

Shane will be joining SMG as a Marketing Coordinator.  One of his main roles will be serving as the Program Manager for the new University Tour Program.  Prior to joining Student Management Group, Shane had been a Delegation Leader with People to People Ambassador Programs. In that roll he was a leader of a group of students traveling abroad each summer; instrumental in ensuring the day-to-day safety and well being of the student group as well as providing instructional leadership.

Diana will be joining the F-1 Public High School team as the new Student Services Facilitator.  Originally from northern New Jersey, Diana has spent about five years working and traveling in places such as Germany, South Korea and England.  She is currently working towards her MA in TESOL Education at The College of New Jersey and hopes that her experiences abroad and her background in the field of education can help her be of better assistance to students in her new role as Student Services Facilitator.  Diana is looking forward to getting to know the students, the host families and all the staff in the upcoming months.

With Diana now in charge of student issues Caitlin Enz will be dealing with all pre-departure tasks.  She will be in charge of the admission process, procuring the I-20s and sending out the I-20 packet once the student has been issued the paperwork by the school. In addition she will help with the creation of marketing materials, including district information sheets and creating a greater presence for the F-1 Public High School Program on social media.

Both Shane and Diana are looking forward to the new opportunities that they will have at SMG.


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